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Cronenberg remarked on his facility for languages: 'Mortensen not only mastered convincing Russian, but also spoke Russianaccented English so authentically that natives found him credible.' However, it was an action scene - in which he fights full-frontal naked in a bathhouse - that earned him most attention.Mortensen's torso is heavily tattooed - he researched Russian mafia body art - and he abandoned the towel to make the scene realistic.Like Ben, the 46-year-old director (better known as an actor on ) celebrates "Noam Chomsky Day" on December 7 (the far-left public intellectual's birthday).

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The kids are taught to hunt, fish, fight, run and climb.

By day, they read By the time writer-director Matt Ross sent Mortensen a box of literature by naturalist Tom Brown and political theorist Noam Chomsky – the Cash family celebrate Noam Chomsky Day instead of Christmas – the actor had already read them all and learned how to play the bagpipes.

"There's nothing like doing your honest best – working really, really hard – and then coming to realize: 'No, you're on the wrong track'. But I like movies that make you feel that something you're doing is wrong." After the death of the children's mother, Ben and his brood load up the family vehicle – a refurbished school bus nicknamed, for some reason, Steve – for a road trip to her funeral, and a journey of self-discovery when they clash with civilization.

A father himself (of 28-year-old actor Henry Mortensen, with his ex-wife, singer Exene Cervenka of the band X), Mortensen admits to sharing only a bit of Ben's eccentric parenting philosophy, which includes Navy SEAL-style survival skills, a tolerant embrace of a child who idolizes Pol Pot and regular Socratic discussions of literature and politics."The one way in which I am most like Ben," he says, "is that I am not a no-because-I-said-so dad." Be that as it may, Mortensen dived into the role headfirst, scouting the shooting location in rural Washington state before filming had begun and volunteering to do advance planting of seasonal vegetables to establish a garden of the sort the family might have.

“Do you think that wall over there is real rock or artificial?

” asks Viggo Mortensen with a gesture toward a stone – almost certainly fake stone – wall in a central Dublin hotel.Mortensen is justly celebrated in Hollywood for how he telegraphs both, which are reading in his face right now.A face rendered (almost) unrecognizable with that distracting droop of a Wild West mustache, the familiar starburst cleft in his chin forested over by a neat beard.I’ve just asked about the actor’s recent run of rather tactile roles – rafting through Argentina’s Paraná Delta in – and he seems keen to play down the idea that he’s seeking out the planet’s most physically challenging character studies. I was happy to play Freud and he did all his fighting with words. I like being in a forest, but it isn’t crucial.” Even assuming that his survivalist streak is determined at a subconscious level – he did make a tremendous Sigmund Freud in David Cronenberg’s looks awfully like Extreme Method Acting.“I don’t consciously look for scripts that pitch characters against the environment,” he insists. Mortensen dislikes the term “method” but he sure knows how to throw himself into a role: he studied Russian history and literature ahead of his Oscar-nominated turn in concerns Ben Cash (Mortensen), a fiercely anti- capitalist former academic who has left the rat-race to raise his six children in an isolated yurt somewhere in America’s Pacific Northwest.In Good, Mortensen plays German university professor John Halder, an essentially decent man who finds himself embroiled, slowly but ineluctably, in Hitler's burgeoning Nazi party.

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