Asset intelligence catalog not updating

This article covers including and managing an image asset in a Xamarin.i OS app to be used as a Custom Document Type Icon.

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This section includes a variety of articles that cover working with images in a Xamarin.i OS app, such as using them as icons, launch screens or including them in controls and providing icons for custom document types.

There are several ways that image assets are used inside an i OS app.

Watch for the XLS icon on the toolbar associated with a tabulation of data.

Selection of the icon creates a spreadsheet tab with the displayed information.

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (Transaction BI) is a reporting tool that provides embedded analytics.

Transaction BI supports online inquiry for most transactions, reducing the requirement to build and maintain customized reports.

The new pricing schema will equate the cost of a processor to 8 cores per CPU.

Our Microsoft Advisory Services practice have completed some independent research which suggests a possible 22% spend increase at renewal, with a possible 4 in 10 servers already in excess of the pricing equivalent 8 cores per CPU, and a current host server average already estimated at 8.59 cores per CPU.

Transaction BI also provides: You can transfer data easily and promptly to spreadsheets throughout Oracle Fusion General Ledger and Oracle Fusion Financials.

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