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rookie of the year Kelly Rohrbach, 41-year-old Leonardo Di Caprio is back on the market.

After the actor nurses his wounds and does the inner processing work a failed engagement demands, he’s bound to start looking for another chance at love. After dating a bevy of beauties, the Oscar nominee has maintained a pattern of going after supermodels.” It’s true: Over the past decade, all of Di Caprio’s confirmed romantic partners have been traditionally beautiful, blond, and models. Casual flings and rumored trysts aside, to public knowledge, Di Caprio has never had a relationship with anyone who’s been old enough to avoid a military draft.

” They’re “Thank you kindly officer and you have a wonderful day and I wish your kids all the best and stay warm out here because brrrrr!

In fact, about half the time, his romances have ended when his girlfriends have hit that fateful mid-20s mark, aging out of Di Caprio’s love like they’ve hit the upper threshold on the kid’s menu at Cracker Barrel. In 19, he was partnered with Kristen Zang; they were both 22.

His next two girlfriends, Gisele Bündchen and Bar Refaeli, with whom Di Caprio shared his longest relationships, dated him while they were each 20 to 25 years old; Di Caprio was in his mid-to-late 20s and early-to-mid-30s, respectively.

I am sorry to use the “hotness scale” in my explanation of events but it seems it is the best way to get my point across. Most of us will compliment your outfit, or your hair, or your shoes because we know you spent exponentially more time picking them out then we did whatever we have on. We all know that any decent dude is not going to allow it so all the more so a reason for the gesture. I want to add one last piece about the concept of permanently acquiring the attribute of gratefulness.

Before the date’s events, the aforementioned female was a solid 8. After the revelation of her ungrateful nature she legitimately dropped to a 5. You look like a generous, one-of-a-kind, diamond in the rough type of girl that doesn’t have a sense of entitlement and we get to look like heroes waving away your act of kindness as we hand the waiter the $6.95 for two lattes. The beginning stages of dating are there to show your best self. First of all, how do you add a quality that doesn’t exist? Do this every day and I promise you at least 50% happier days (All percentage references will be fictional): When you wake up the first thing you should do is use all five senses to appreciate the gift of a brand new day.

All of us normal members of the male species have read and checked the box for the terms of agreement. (cue the dressing room montage) and ended it with a romantic, snow framed viewing of NYC at Top of the Rock before driving her to the airport.

Honestly, when someone holds the elevator doors for you, you say the words.

When your co-worker offers to do work he was responsible for anyways, you say thank you.

When a cop issues you a speeding ticket the last words to come out of your mouth are not “Screw you!

is an American model and actress, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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