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From diamonds to nanotubes to DNA, carbon is indispensable for constructing practically all of the most intricate structures we know of.

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Dissolved inorganic carbon - inorganic carbon molecules (chiefly carbonate and bicarbonate ions) that are in solution in water; accounts for 95% of ocean carbon.

Dissolved organic carbon - organic carbon compounds (e.g., from dead marine plants and animals) that have dissolved in water.

, and is so rare that only one-in-a-trillion carbon atoms are carbon-14.

With a half-life of just over 5,000 years, any Carbon-14 atoms that were created in stars, billions of years ago, have long since decayed away into nitrogen atoms.

The observation that carbon solubility in olivine is insensitive to oxygen fugacity implies that the oxidation state of carbon in the carbonatite melt and in olivine is the same, i.e., carbon dissolves as C–perovskite are below the limit of detection of our SIMS-based analytical technique (i.e., below 30–200 ppb by weight).

The differences in carbon solubilities between the various minerals studied appear to correlate with the polyhedral volume of the Si.Anthropogenic - involving the impact of humans on nature; induced or altered by the presence or activities of humans. Biological pump - the export of newly produced organic carbon from the surface ocean (mostly via sinking) and regeneration of dissolved inorganic carbon at depth. Biosphere - all areas on earth where living organisms are found; includes oceans, land, and lower atmosphere. Carbon cycle - the complex array of chemical, physical, and biological processes by which carbon flows through the biotic (living) and abiotic (nonliving) environment. Decomposition - the decay of dead organic material; decomposition is carried out by microorganisms and other decomposers that break down complex molecules and release nutrients. Calibration curves are used to date the age of know antiquities (they are mentioned in historical documents so their age can be known).Other than that there are inaccuracies of a few percent as the object gets older than several thousand years.Any one of these processes could have been carried out by the Canons guarding the Shroud at Lirey or Chambery without the consent or knowledge of whoever owned the Sacred Relic.

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