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Does the Internet alter deeply rooted cultural patterns of gender inequality, or do those patterns carry over into online communication?

Is Internet technology inherently gender neutral, or does the fact that it was created by men result in an in-built structural bias that perpetuates male advantage? "Gender language style and group composition in Internet discussion groups." Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 2 (3).

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Thus the Internet is said to be inherently democratic, leveling traditional distinctions of social status, and creating opportunities for less powerful individuals and groups to participate on a par with members of more powerful groups. "Testing claims for on-line conferences." Written Communication 8 (2), 163-192.

Specifically, the Internet has been claimed to lead to greater gender equality, with women, as the socially, politically, and economically less powerful gender, especially likely to reap its benefits. Text-based computer-mediated communication, with its lack of physical and auditory cues, makes the gender of online communicators irrelevant or invisible, allowing women and men to participate equally, in contrast with traditional patterns of male dominance observed in face-to-face conversations (Danet, 1998; Graddol & Swann, 1989). As a network connecting geographically-dispersed users, the Internet empowers women and members of other traditionally subordinate groups to find community and organize politically in pursuit of their own interests (Balka, 1993). The World Wide Web allows women to self-publish and engage in profitable entrepreneurial activity on a par with men (Rickert & Sacharow, 2000).

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New communication technologies are often invested with users' hopes for change in the social order.

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There is also a Hardcore Free Roam, after the Title Update 1.02 was released and a Friendly Free Roam after Title Update 1.05 was released.

All multiplayer gameplay starts from a Free Roam session since none of the other multiplayer game modes are available directly from the main menu or single player game.

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Up to 16 players can participate in Free Roam, and those players can form Posses of up to 8 people.

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