Corinne bailey rae dating steve brown

The album was conceived following her hiatus from recording, taken in the wake of her husband Jason Rae's death.

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“It did,” she says succinctly, and leaves it at that.

After years of emotional turmoil, Bailey Rae seems at last happy again.

Arriving back in Leeds, where there isn’t generally the climate for either a pool or a soft-top car, must have required certain adjustments.

She smiles tersely, as if reluctant to appear critical of her place of birth, and where much of her extended family still resides.

The 32-year-old singer was given an honorary doctorate of music at Leeds University, and keeping her company was Steve.

They were pictured holding hands and kissing as they arrived at the venue.

My dad was from the Caribbean, my mum was English, we lived in quite a white area but we were quite poor, but also quite brainy, and I was a really, really skinny child so I felt a bit awkward about all these things.

Three years after her husband Jason Rae died of drug overdose, the jazz singer has found a new love in pianist and producer Steve Brown who allegedly has been standing by her side since Jason's death in 2008.

Corinne Bailey Rae was halfway through making her second album when her husband died.

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