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While traditional clothes of Vietnam have always been very diverse depending on the era and occasion, after the Nguyễn Dynasty women began to wear elaborate Áo dài for their weddings.

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I told her that the banks in the UK are open on Saturday and she could collect it Monday, she said ok.

Friday came, she asked if I had sent it, but I told her I didnt have time because I slept in that day and that I would send it to her the next day ( I didnt actually have the money as I didnt receive my salary yet) she said the bank is closed on the weekend, I think you know that, I am never talking to you again.

It is important for the man to get to know the family because Vietnamese women rarely date without the ultimate goal of marriage and a woman will want her husband to form an everlasting and respectful bond with her family.

When going on a first date, and even subsequent ones, the man is expected to plan and pay for the entire affair.

Protocol dictates that a man introduces himself to the family of the woman whom he is interested in dating prior to asking her out.

It is also considered proper etiquette to spend time with the family on multiple occasions, often bringing gifts such as flowers and wine, before asking her parents for permission to formally date their daughter.With the decline of traditional arranged marriages in Vietnamese culture, men and women are being entrusted to find a suitable mate for themselves.However, because maintaining a positive reputation and showing respect for family is still highly regarded in Vietnam, etiquette rules for dating are in place to ensure that men and women find respectful, virtuous and family-oriented partners to marry.Vietnam also has one of the best education systems in Asia, so you'll find lots of women who aren't just stunning to look at, but who are very smart too.It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what you own, if a Vietnamese girl already has a boyfriend you are wasting your time, buddy.An engagement ceremony usually occurs half a year or so before the wedding.

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