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Thanks to an This should, of course, be taken with a huge grain of salt: while leaked information from retailers is sometimes correct, it is often merely a mistake on their system.For some, it's hard to remember a time when Ryan Reynolds wasn't married to (and shutting down the red carpet with) Blake Lively.Guy Martin (born 4 November 1981) is a British lorry-mechanic better known publicly as a motorcycle racer and a television personality.

A high-school dropout in the ninth grade, at age 14 he left his parents’ home near San Antonio and put food in his mouth as a working musician.

Married (for the first of seven times) at the age of 18, he settled in Houston, worked odd jobs, and continued to play music in clubs across Texas.

Martin instruments can sell for thousands of dollars, and vintage instruments occasionally command six-figure prices.

The company has also made mandolins as well as several models of electric guitars and electric basses, although none of these other instruments are currently in production.

He has since presented programmes on various engineering topics and the Channel 4 series Speed with Guy Martin when he set speed records in a variety of human and engine powered vehicles.

He has authored three books, and competed in mountain bike pedal-cycle races.The company's headquarters and primary factory are situated in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, located in the Lehigh Valley region of the state.The building includes the Martin Guitar Museum, which features over 170 guitars made by the company over its history.Martin had shown an interest in working on trucks as early as age 12.As a child he was fascinated by engines, and would take apart lawnmowers to try to make them go faster.He recorded a handful of rockabilly-styled singles from 1982 to ’85, but none garnered much attention.

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