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The accompanying CPU and RAM are always considered top end components, so that the bottleneck is always the graphics card."The Ballad of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime.

Tip, visit the graphics card page (there is a link next to the FPS number) and compare your graphics card to it to give you a personal point of reference.

The graphics card used will be periodically voted on by GD community. It represents an Avg FPS at high graphics settings played on a 1080p resolution monitor.

The jabbering radio shows, with their Bush-era fixation on Fox News, obesity, and the war on terror.

The drab fashion, the dour populace, the unflattering clothes.

) or who no longer own GTA IV, you can purchase GTA: Episodes from Liberty City from your local games store.

The disc contains both GTA IV episodes, but not the main game itself.

If you don’t already own a digital copy or a game disc, you can buy the game and both of the expansions on the Xbox Store for a total of .

Like the first episode, The Lost and Damned, you'll need a copy of GTA IV to play the downloadable version of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

And at the center of it all, Niko Bellic, an awkward middle-aged guy who made the mistake of moving to a new country to try for a better life. Niko learned about his cousin's lies, got angry, then went to bed.

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