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NBC News reached out to several of them to find out just how good bad weather is for single people.

During an average rainy day, OKCupid sees a boost of 10 percent in user activity. While it wasn't the cataclysmic storm some expected, it still shut down Boston and New York.

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During that blizzard, messaging on OKCupid increased by 34 percent — nearly matching the 36 percent spike seen during Hurricane Sandy.

Apparently, even the prospect of a storm can make people feel amorous. The average user — perhaps bored of photographing their snack and booze stockpile for Instagram — checked their account five times on each day of the storm.

But overall, it should only be one of the many tools in your repertoire to meeting and dating great singles.

Please read this article on what men expect from online dating.

It’s not like bars, clubs or even Facebook where people come to chat with friends and “Maybe” find someone.

When singles go to online dating sites they are there for the same reasons- to find another like minded single. if you want to find someone, online dating is the easiest place to do it. Many dating sites: Which online dating sites will get you the most dates? All I had to do was sign up to as many online dating sites I could find online every week with my complete profile (it’s important you complete your full profile and answer the questionnaires as best as you can to get the best results).

At the end of the first 12 weeks, I bring you this report where I cover the sites that provided the best results: These are the best ways you will get the most dates based on my research.

You can be guaranteed to meet, connect and potentially blossom into a relationship with someone who shares your affinity.

It's a place where you can meet new friends, new dates and new love.

There are hundreds of thousands of success stories to back up these claims.

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