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When Wilson turned to the Iowa Attorney General for help in 2014, she says her mother had no money left in her checking or savings accounts and had racked up thousands of dollars in credit card debt.

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(Bloomberg) VW Faces New Fraud Charges First it cheated on emissions tests; now Volkswagen has come under fire for potentially misusing billions of euros in EU funds.

(Deutsche Welle) Assessing How Important A Statement Is For Securities Fraud Two decisions last week from federal appeals courts could make life more difficult for the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission in pursuing cases by giving ammunition to defendants claiming that there is not enough evidence to prove the materiality of their misstatements.

Inset, evidence being removed last March from Kurniawan’s house in Arcadia, California., By gary friedman/los angeles times (inset); © tim graham/alamy (pétrus label), courtesy of laurent ponsot (both bottles of clos de la roche), by antonin roy/© vinoptimo (chÂteau mouton rothschild, la tÂche, pétrus bottle).

On the evening of April 25, 2008, the wine auction house Acker Merrall & Condit held a sale at a New York restaurant called Cru.

In hindsight, there were clues that something was off -- like the growing stacks of mail her mother received each day or her offhand comments about winning the lottery.

But by the time Wilson pieced it all together, she was horrified to discover just how victimized her mother had become.Collecting vintage Burgundies, Rudy Kurniawan drove the rare-wine market to new heights, then began selling his treasures. Michael Steinberger uncorks what may be the largest case of fine-wine fraud in history.IN PLAIN SIGHT Fine Bordeaux and Burgundies, including two bottles of Ponsot Clos de la Roche brought by Rudy Kurniawan to a dinner with Laurent Ponsot.Amazon And e Bay Face Crackdown Over VAT Fraud By Overseas Sellers Top tax officials are exploring whether Amazon and e Bay can be forced to foot the bill for ballooning VAT fraud associated with an army of small overseas sellers who are rapidly coming to dominate sales of many popular items on Britain’s leading shopping websites.(Guardian) Same-Day ACH Payments Will Stress Bank Anti-Fraud Efforts NACHA's adoption of same-day payment, or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment — allows businesses and customers to benefit from receiving same-day transaction processing, though with security risk."The con artists were reaching the widow through each day's mail in what had become a feeding frenzy, as scammers from all over the world descended upon this vulnerable woman," the Iowa Attorney General's Office told us.

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