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This is a user-friendly program for setting the evolutionary model and options for the MCMC analysis.

The second step is to actually run BEAST using the input file generated by BEAUTi, which contains the data, model and analysis settings.

Therefore we ask that you post multiple comments using the same header for each comment, and the mod will repost your fill for you.

After June 12 you can link to your LJ, DW, AO3, tumblr, etc, but again we ask that you include our header in your comment.

It’s meant to save time and narrow down your search for your social media accounts such as facebook.

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You can post as many fills as you like anytime starting on May 22, but comments will be screened until Bangtan's first debut anniversary on June 12.

Feel free to combine multiple prompts into a single fill.

Warnings are required for fills which contain sensitive material including non-consensual or dub-con sexual content, character death, or graphic violence.

Writers can include additional warnings as they see fit, but they are not required.

The first step will be to convert a NEXUS file with a DATA or CHARACTERS block into a BEAST XML input file.

This is done using the program BEAUti (which stands for Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Utility).

You also have the option of emailing fills to the mod ([email protected]) and having them post for you. We ask that you use the following header when posting a fill: You can also include a summary or author's notes if you would like.

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