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As he pulled away, he whispered, “I love you” into my ear, only for my heart to hear. Teens crave the feelings of love, security, and contentedness.Dating in high school teaches young people lessons such as: cooperation, socially-appropriate behavior, empathy, intimacy, sensitivity, and compromise. Many adults don’t think that teens know anything about love.

The five stages are as follows: Attraction, Uncertainty, Exclusivity, Intimacy, and Engagement. Whether it is a physical, intellectual, or sexual attraction, the confrontation and meeting of the other requires a sense of bravery.

There is often a difficulty amongst us when "breaking the ice". If there is a date set for the couple to meet, there is an obvious attraction even to the smallest degree. Some date only for money, leisure, and sex, among some of them.

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A high school relationship makes you consider the feelings of another.

It is a mystery why some relationships grow and some fail, but teens love the feeling of having someone close both physically and mentally.- Teen Violence is a big dilemma in today’s society.Violent behaviors usually start from family and peers, as well as teens observing it at there neighborhoods or communities.[tags: Teen Violence] - "Teen violence refers to harmful behaviors that can start early and continue into young adulthood" (Teen Violence). Questions like these do not have straight answers; instead, they seek out people's differing opinions.As generations continue to pass, the issue of teen violence remains. John Leo, Mike Males, Gloria Steinem, Charlie James, Chuck Shelton, Annette Fuentes, and James Garbarino share their opinions about the controversy of teen violence through newspaper and magazine articles.... When hearing these words, many things come to mind, but the most important thing to know about these words is that they are directly related to teen violence.Expressing how we feel about the person can be difficult. When meeting your date, there is always nervousness.

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