Focus on the family teenage dating

Christian teenagers serious about their faith may find it difficult to find magazines that speak directly to their interests and to their moral perspective.

Many mainstream magazines for teenagers simply do not address the needs of devoutly Christian teens.

Here are some tips and pieces of advice pertaining to the subject.

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You have to fill your bucket with positive energy and if you have people hanging around you that are bringing you down and not lifting you up, whether that’s your boo or your best friend, you’ve got to learn how to push those people to the side.

And you’re going to be doing that for the rest of your lives." PHOTOS: Stars who went from rags to riches In fact, the mom of two daughters — Malia, 17, and Sasha, 14 — encouraged women in the room to "compete with the boys...

“But you've taught her biblical truths about loving God, valuing others, the importance of modesty and how she is wonderfully made.

Continue your influence in her life by providing magazine on a regular basis!

One is that there are plenty of teenage girls who sincerely want to know whether, say, listening to Bruno Mars will corrode their spirits.

As a cynical media type, it seems odd that a 14-year-old might be interested in a magazine feature on what she should look for in a “future husband.” In my isn’t just for teenagers.Brio is a print-edition magazine that publishes 10 issues each year.More » Published nine times per year, FCA is a magazine sponsored by the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.It is proper to court with purpose, not date without intention.Rather than just speed dating or dating with no accountability, courtship is in the regard of those who desire marriage or a long-term commitment.were a relationship advice column about not having pre-marital sex, a culture column about not listening to music about pre-marital sex, and interviews with young Christian celebrities who were not having pre-marital sex. Teens, beware: Bruno Mars may be catchy, but “bad language turns up pretty frequently” and “his view of women is anything but honorable, pure, lovely or commendable.” In “Ask ,” a reader asks if pledging allegiance to the flag is wrong because it turns the flag into an idol.

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