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These headshots put a personal and very public face on what is otherwise an impersonal shopping experience.More and more companies and individual businessmen are realizing this very visual phenomenon of web based commerce and the importance of managing personal brands in the current environment.Over 30 years experience in Corporate, Commercial Photography, Executive Portraits, Head Shots, Meetings & Events Photography, Wedding Photography.

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With almost 20 years of professional experience, William is fully equip…

A photo studio in Palm Springs, California, specializing in business portraits, actor headshots, senior portraits, family portraits and pet portraits.

Photographs are increasingly shared everyday across the Internet via smart phones and other portable electronic devices such as i Pads and tablets.

People everywhere across the globe have incorporated daily use of social media websites and applications to stay connected and share the special moments in their lives.

See our site at for our architectural photography Los Angeles Photographer specializing in fashion, actor headshots, and model development.

Photography studio based in Los Angeles, specializing in headshots, portraits, fashion, editorial, commercial, modeling portfolios…

I am going to start putting a little more effort into my website and blog.

So my goal is to get up 30 to 60 minutes EARLIER than I NEED to get up. I know I have been teasing everyone with the idea of these changes but it will be up on the blog so soon explaining the NEW Sorensen Studios!

Web influenced business decisions and web based commerce is a huge and growing segment of the overall economic pie.

For example, in our otherwise slow growth economy, web based retail sales share is growing 16.68% annually versus total retail sales.

A while back I was making my own layouts for wedding designs and it was literally AGONIZING for me.

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