History dating back to

The best date available, and the one used as the basis for the Market’s millennium celebration, is 1014.Borough, then as now, was a place defined by its position at one end of London Bridge—for centuries, the only route across the river into the capital.

history dating back to-88

Defined by a bridge Borough Market has existed in one form or another for around 1,000 years.

Its precise start date is impossible to pin down: there was no official opening, no ribbon-cutting ceremony, not even a brief mention in a chronicle.

Reams could be written about the history of Delamain.

However, for the sake of being concise, we’ve condensed it down into a more digestible version.

Quarterback Pooley Hubert and star running back Johnny Mack Brown, eventual College Football Hall of Fame entrants, led the offense.

Brown also went on to star in Western films as an actor.

Nestled behind Aunt Selma’s Chocolate & Candy Company and Maurizio’s Bistro on Moorestown’s Main Street is a barn dating back to the 1800s.

The original property owner of the land where the barn sits was Alfred Burr though it’s unclear as to whether he commissioned the barn’s building or not.

The Southeastern Conference might be college football’s premier conference now, but when Alabama accepted its invitation to the 1926 Rose Bowl — college football’s only bowl game at that time — it became the first team from the South to ever participate.

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