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Objective: To describe the process of Internet chatting, and subsequent dating and sexual (risk) behaviour among Dutch men who have sex with men (MSM), and to compare the demographic profile of the Internet sample with a traditional Dutch MSM sample. Results: Eighty-two per cent chatted at least once a week, 88% had ever dated through chatting, and of these 89% had had sex with one or more e-dates.

Potential respondents were asked to complete an online questionnaire about chatting and dating, and sexual (risk) behaviour with their last date via chatting (e-date). Of these, 4984 were evaluated as reliable and were used in the analyses.

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Compared with participants, non-participants were more likely to report: spending higher mean number of hours in online chat rooms; using condoms inconsistently during anal intercourse with a man met online during the past 3 months; having had an sexually transmitted disease; being HIV seropositive; using methamphetamines during the past 30 days and using drugs to enhance sexual satisfaction during the past 30 days.

Although risk among MSM who use chat rooms remains high, those at greater risk may be those who are less likely to engage in online HIV prevention interventions.

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Many patients also experience symptoms when stationary or even while lying down.

Conclusion: The Internet is a popular new meeting place for MSM, and attracts men with a different demographic profile.

The level of risk behaviour warrants that opportunities for interventions on the Internet are explored, with special attention to HIV-positive chatters.

Effective methods to recruit online MSM users have been developed, and online surveys have suggested many practical advantages over surveys in the traditional gay community.

Although surveys among MSM via the Internet have a few limitations and risks, online surveillance can still be viewed as a feasible and convenient approach, especially in countries where the HIV/AIDS epidemic is concentrated in high-risk populations and where the conducting of such surveillance in traditional gay venues is difficult.

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