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There are a few rules -- including no staring and BYOT (bring your own towel) -- and you can also take trips to "The Farm" (a private home rented out West of St.

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What are the historical roots of the motives and desires for observing everyday life, on the part of the observer, and for being seen, on the part of the observed?

Last but not least, is this phenomenon of mediatized observation just harmless entertainment, just another example of lie-back-and-enjoy-it-ism? By making us keen observers and also rewarding our self-exposure, does mediatized observation familiarize us with the idea of surveillance?

34-year-old Park Seo-yeon used to work for a consulting firm but has left that job. She’s earning more than $9,000 a month to eat on camera.

Going by the name, “The Diva,” she sits down to a table of food and eats for up to three hours.

Moreover, questions about technologized or mediatized observation have not been put into a social, cultural, and historical context. It consists of two major parts: The first part traces the historical roots of mediatized observation and exhibitionism.

I refer to two TV shows Candid Camera and An American Familyas past examples of media observation.

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But he had to limit how far they went with it, so they found a happy medium to keep the company happy.

Building on this historical account and supplemented with an exploration of social, cultural, and psychological elements, the second part argues that the current cultural landscape, deluged with reality TV shows or exhibitionist web cam sites, is not necessarily a novelty or the end result of new technologies.

Questions I try to answer include: How have the mundane and the ordinary become objects of attention?

However, the interplay of social and cultural forces behind seeing, watching, and observing has not been traced historicallyeither in scholarly works or in mainstream media.

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