Infidelity while dating

The use of technology First of all, technology is a great way to manage your affairs but make sure that you practice caution when sending out messages through your Blackberry or your computer.You don't want your wife to receive that email that's supposed to be sent to your playmate.Both men and women can be tempted to cheat at the very time they are making a new and important commitment to their partner, for example during pregnancy, getting engaged or getting married.

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What are the lessons that we can learn when men, who seemingly have everything at home, are caught in an affair?

The site that specializes in uncovering cheaters on dating sites worldwide, warned all pregnant women to be on alert of unusual behavior in their partners which might indicate unfaithfulness while they are pregnant.

In addition to four children, he adopted two daughters, and as a result of raising his […] Read more So the rumors are true.

Tiger Woods joins the long list of famous and infamous men who’ve been unfaithful to their wives.

But if you look at it from another perspective, keeping people from playing around will actually drive them to do the deed because they know it's not allowed.

Stringent social norms make affairs more prevalent in western society. It has been practiced by many cultures for centuries.

I know people do stupid things but it just hurt me so bad when he told me.

I would rather not have known, it changes everything, he feels really bad about it, and took some pills Friday night, and I had to call an ambulance from 250 miles away. Do you have any advise on how to heal from infidelity, he isn’t agreeing to going to counseling, I am going to go next week.

I have been dating a really nice man for the last 6 months.

We are planning on getting married, he has a house that is about 250 miles from where I live, he got divorced in may and went back to the house because his x didn’t get it.

In the article by Daily Mail Newspaper two women were interviewed, Rebecca and Adele who both claimed their husbands had cheated and where unfaithful while they were pregnant.

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