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Alongside the three men I arranged to meet, there have been dozens of others I've rejected immediately. So if internet dating so often misses the point, then why do we keep doing it?

This clinical, unromantic process can seriously get you down.

It goes without saying that plenty of people have taken one look at my profile and clicked away from me too (and obviously they're idiots - all idiots).

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Well, Wolf Whistle, what I do is, I click on this button that says “bar user” and wait for Late38 and Hung Man to tell me how much they like me. Is this tailored matchmaking the reason why internet dating has become so popular?

There are dedicated websites, as I discovered, for the not-so-happily married; the beautiful – where existing members assess whether you deserve to join them – and the wealthy (bank statements are checked by Cupid’s bean counters), not to mention the overweight, every religion going, wine lovers, disabled people, classical music aficionados and single parents.

I know dozens of people who've signed up and several couples who met that way - including at least two married couples and one who are expecting a baby. I've dated three men I've met online, and in the sense that all of them were nice and one of them became my boyfriend, internet dating has been pretty good to me. Behavioural economist Dan Ariely was quoted in this week saying that dating sites "think that we're like digital cameras, that you can describe somebody by their height and weight and political affiliation and so on. When you taste the wine, you could describe it, but it's not a very useful description.

But wonderful as it might feel when it leads you to someone fantastic, online dating veterans know that the in-between times can be grim. But you know if you like it or don't." I think that hits the nail on the head - and as someone who's drunk a lot of wine, and been on more dates than I'd care to list, I'm pretty much an authority.

but it ain’t all bad or I would’ve given it up years ago.

Here’s one example of what I’m talking about: Dude: Hey, I like your pictures!

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If you stick your tongue out at me in person I will slap your face.

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