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This section is executed once, when the virtual user is brought up and initialised, and contains any information necessary to enable the virtual user to log onto an application.

It will also hold any directives to load function libraries, and to hold any functions unique to that particular script.

Include the error, the attempted operations that led to the error, any unusual circumstances that occurred before receiving this error message, and the complete stack trace produced by this error.

Use the APIs "wwsec_oid.get_oid_host" and "wwsec_oid.get_oid_port" to verify that the preference store values for Oracle Internet Directory parameters exist and are valid.

To edit an existing schema for this purpose, select Edit Schema in the Schema portlet.

Check whether the Oracle Internet Directory port is operational and that the Oracle Portal configuration is referring to the correct host name and port.- vuser_init: The initialisation phase of the script - action: The body of the business process, to be iterated - more actions: Further actions within the process - vuser_end: The close down, or housekeeping phase of the script.When recording the business process and enhancing the virtual user script, the following standards must be applied to the structure of the script to ensure it is recorded in a consistent and supportable manner.Often, it will contain nothing but the script header block.Generally it will contain: Each virtual user script contains exactly one ‘init’ section, and therefore there is no need for it to be renamed.FNBM Online Banking is brought to you by First National Bank Moambique S: A ("us", "we", "the Bank"), an authorised Financial Services Provider.

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