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‘I just felt like crap and the songs sounded like s***,’ he says, wincing slightly.‘In the space of three years I lost my Dad, Paul, my big brother Alexis, who was 43, and my nephew Callum, who was only 21. After my Dad died it was heartbreaking to start losing the next generations.’‘Just afterwards I beat myself up feeling I should have done more to help him,’ he says. Now I like the fact I can take my auntie to The Ritz, or pay off her mortgage. ‘Two for my mum, two for my brother and one for my sister. Writing songs is my way of conquering them.’Adjusting to fame and fortune has not come easily to Morrison.James Morrison (born 13 August 1984) is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist from Rugby, Warwickshire.

“I was just feeling, I don’t know, shit about myself, and I had to do something.

But I didn’t know what.” Ultimately, he found a “spiritual lady” who ran a practice not 10 minutes from his front door in rural Gloucestershire. “I had to figure out why I was feeling so weird, why it felt like there was something on my shoulders holding me back. I mean, I’ve been away a long time, and there are all these others out there now – Hozier, Paolo Nutini, Ed and James and all the rest.

Despite it all, the 32-year-old now says: ‘I’m the happiest I have ever been,’ revelling in the rave reviews that his comeback album, Higher Than Here, has received and looking forward to a new string of UK and European tour dates next year. You can be a grandad to Elsie.”‘The night he died from a heart attack, I was on tour. I’ll never know now what he wanted to say to me.’He moved to his mansion in a remote village in Gloucestershire and built that gate to hide behind. ‘It’s the best thing ever,’ he says, his eyes aglow. Two years later he released Broken Strings, his duet with Nelly Furtado, which reached No2 – although it took him a while to accept that he was a success.‘For ages I was careful with money, afraid it would disappear as swiftly as it came,’ he says.

But his return to music was a rocky one, after initially abandoning his fourth album eight months into writing it, feeling dissatisfied and disillusioned with his work. I’d left my mobile in the recording studio the night before and, when I collected it, it was packed with missed calls from my dad. He revelled in taking Elsie swimming, spending hours with his family and recharging his emotionally exhausted batteries. ‘But since my dad died I have viewed things differently.

“In the space of three years, I lost members from three generations of my family: my father, my brother, my nephew,” he says. I stopped believing the world was good.” His father had died first, of liver complications brought on by alcohol addiction.

Morrison (pictured below) did much of his mourning on his 2011 album, The Awakening.James was born as the son of a record company owner parents, and it was from there that he started to get inspired from music.Born and raised in Rugby, Warwickshire, England; he doesn’t have all good memories about his childhood or family.James Morrison was born as James Morrison Catchpole, who is an English singer/songwriter as well as a musician.He was born on the 13th of August, 1984 and is currently 31 years of age.After undergoing through a major health problem and surviving out of the odds, he had to witness his parent’s divorce.

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