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She hooked up with (now) retired Rangers agitator Sean Avery after her fling with Sanchez, and the couple were together until 2011. Rhoda has only dated two athletes to this point, but I'm sensing a pattern.Once the 25-year-old stunner has another lull in her schedule, expect to see her out on the town with an A-List athlete in LA or New York.He’s now become the biggest laughingstock in the NBA. * Dallas, 1994-1996: Fought with teammate Jim Jackson over singer Toni Braxton. Also, there was this embarrassing “hit me” moment that the NBA wasn’t thrilled with.

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If you know retired NBA basketball star Jason Kidd then you must have known Joumana. As we have already mentioned that Jason Kidd is Joumana’s former husband you might have learned that their relationship ended with a divorce.

Well, they got married in the year 1997 after dating each other for one month. In the year 2007, Jason filed for a divorce from Joumana claiming that she was emotionally unstable.

They would surely like to know your personal life, love, and affairs.

Today we are going to talk about actress and journalist Joumana Kidd.

In the year 2001, Jason Kidd was arrested for punching Joumana in the mouth.

Caption: Joumana Kidd with her former husband, Jason Kidd with their 3-year-old son Trey Jason (T.After graduation, she joined the company as a marketing representative, an opportunity which paved the way for her entry into the field of broadcasting. Kidd's resume' includes stints as a television correspondent for both Extra and NBA Entertainment.Joumana has consistently been active in many non-profit organizations, such as the International Children's Foundation, which raises money to help children with medical needs in impoverished countries.He was such a locker room problem for the Mavs, they traded him after just three seasons. I feel bad for Jabari Parker, whose initial plunge into the NBA will be with this clown as a coach. Related: ESPN New York Would Like To Wash Jason Kidd’s Mouth Out With Soap For “13-Letter Expletive” Related: Remember When Jason Kidd Was Probably Gonna Get Fired? * New Jersey, 2001-2008: He took the Nets to the Finals! But as in Phoenix, it ended in disaster, and involved his wife.If you are a celebrity, it’s obvious to have well-wishers and haters.

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