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The pipe came equipped with the “Drinkless” stamped stinger, but missing the ball.This is an important detail in dating the pipe, so I was glad to see it.Certainly there might be pieces that did not qualify as Dunhills after the oil curing process or the sandblasting or what-not, but for the most part, Parkers were made from Dunhill wood that didn't qualify to be a Dunhill after the initial turning of the bowl.

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If the pipe was stamped BRUYERE rather than briar it was made in the 30s.

————————————————————————– Here is the stamping for the Imperial So the KBB in clover means before 1955.

Yello Bole also used a 4 digit code stamped on the pipe in the 30s.

If the pipe had the Yello Bole circle stamped on the shank it was made in the 30s this stopped after 1939.

The Parker Pipe Company was formed by Dunhill in 1922 as a way to market and sell pieces that were not quite up to Dunhill quality levels.

Often considered Dunhill "seconds", the fact of the matter is that much of the additional work that went into Dunhills did not go into Parkers.I then used a razor blade to redefine the bowl rings, and followed that with a needle file.Blog by Dal Stanton Jenny has laid the groundwork for a pipe restorer’s dream job!In fact i cant recall where i got this pipe now , so I’m gonna guess Ebay? This is a early production Imperial four digit (3151) Yello -Bole .Since I have no pictures of me working on the pipe I will break down how I date this pipe.Such is one of the beauties of pipe smoking: there's room for everyone, if you can find your niche.

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