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While flaws in chain links or solid steel bars can lead to catastrophic failure, flaws in the wires making up a steel cable are less critical as the other wires easily take up the load.

Friction between the individual wires and strands, as a consequence of their twist, further compensates for any flaws.

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Wire rope is also used to transmit force in mechanisms, such as a Bowden cable or the control surfaces of an airplane connected to levers and pedals in the cockpit. Also, aircraft cables are available in smaller diameters than wire rope. The 1846 built 1,000 feet (300 m) cable pulled climbing track up Mount Pisgah at the bottom of the Summit Hill & Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway —The railway stayed above the town proper in 'Upper Mauch Chunk (Elevation: 730–770 feet (220–230 m) vs. US 209 7,706 feet (2.349 km) along the continually climbing main street to Upper Broadway 535–812 feet (163–247 m) at Chestnut Hill Rd.).

For example, aircraft cables are available in 3/64 in. Like a modern ski lift, the down cable is part of a loop, in the shorter cable lifts and use of single track grades in the Ashley Planes built earlier by the same people, often hidden underground but for the end 'Barney Tunnels which held huge wheels and a semi-circally shaped track for the barney pusher cart.

Wire rope consists of several strands of metal wire laid (twisted) into a helix.

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