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After, they put my membership on hold, without asking me, because it was going so poorly, they started to be rude, to a point that they started to hang up on me and play games. I called IJL and they informed me that my membership was on hold and they could not give me a refund. I made several calls and sent emails and now they are playing games, all I want is my money back, and I will go my way.

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I coordinated and promoted events for venues long ago and I have to say he was the easiest and most accommodating person I've Ever worked with in the industry. Right before we made it down to the lobby it started pouring down raining. Everyone can participate from any cell phone and you can remain anonymous A crime program that can cost you less than a bottle of soda.. I will promote any positive movements located in Wilmington.

$3 – Bloody Mary’s $3 – Mimosas $4 – 007’s BRUNCH BURRITO 7.25 Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Cheddar-Jack Cheese, Homemade Salsa & Green Onions folded into a flour tortilla.

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The Delaware Taco Festival was created in 2016 to showcase the amazing restaurants, food purveyors & establishments that make Delaware so unique & special! Delaware Taco My son brought me here knowing full well I'd love it and I did!

Served with Brunch Potatoes and Sour Cream QUESADILLA EL PASO 8.75 Crisp Tortilla stuffed with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Pepper-Jack Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers & Chipotle Aioli.

Served with Brunch Potatoes, Sour Cream & Salsa BREAKFAST BURGER 8.75 Grilled 6oz Burger topped with a Fried Egg, Crisp Bacon & American Cheese on a toasted bagel.

She's clearly been there for years and is very happy there. The food and drinks are good at lots of places, but Buckley's hits a home run on charm and hospitality!

The Delaware Art Museum connects people to art, offering an inclusive and essential community resource that through its collections, exhibitions, and programs generates creative energy that sustains, enriches, empowers, and inspires.

She called and called, and made me feel like if I passed this up, I would be alone and lonely forever. Had several interviews over the phone and in person, and by the way, they don't have a physical location, I met a lady in a hotel, the company is managed by few very rude ladies and one guy, Anton J., Marlene B., Lisa M., and Tameka M. they wanted to make sure they knew everything about me so they can match me well, however; the first few matches were so fat, their arms were bigger than mine, I specifically asked for skinny girls, this individuals don't have a clue about dating, they are nothing but scam. Â The first was with an uninterested girl, who acted like he was being paid to be there, she was so ugly, and her teeth were spread apart, it was disgusting to even talk to her.

The 2nd date with a fat, ugly, divorced woman, that her arms were bigger than mine.

Took my girlfriend here for a nice dinner and walked out having the best restaurant experience ever!!! I am very new to Wilmington and I walked in and loved it.

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