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During an interaction with the media on the night of July 12, when a reporter pointed out that the Indian Penal Code forbade the use of a victim's name in the event of a rape or molestation, he quipped: “Why not the name? Don't hide that name, there is nothing wrong with that.

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By granting him with a bridging visa, AAT had twice overturned Dutton’s decision to deport the 34-year-old from the country.

However, Dutton was keen on cancelling the visa and deport Mr Singh.

The actress' driver is suspected to have followed her car in the vehicle used by the gang members.

During the drive, the men harassed her, by clicking her pictures and making a video, she said in her complaint.

Nothing wrong with that." It appears incredible that someone should have used the name “Draupadi” in this context.

And then look at the photograph in on July 14 where Dileep is seen with cops at Hotel Garuda in Thrissur.

He is happily beaming, with no remorse whatsoever on his face.

Okay, let us assume that he is not guilty, but does he not regret the fact that a young woman all set to get married had been kidnapped, sexually attacked by several hoodlums and the whole thing videographed.

In the remand report, the police had said that Appunni knew the prime accused Pulsar Suni, reported The News Minute.

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