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While the idea of a date on the subway might seem sketchy at first blush, Knox told Thrillist he's not looking for love -- though he's certainly open to it.

Instead, he's simply trying to help shift New Yorkers' focus away from negativity, stating that "the main thing is just to make people smile and brighten their day." It's not just for women, either -- nearly 30% of the people who've stopped at Knox's table have actually been guys, who're either looking for a quick game or hoping to glean some insight into the genius idea.

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The 'margin for error' in current police guidelines, to allow for inaccurate speedometers, would be scrapped.

The draconian plan was buried in a Home Office statement about longer jail sentences for drivers who kill.

A stunning 'zero tolerance' policy on speeding was unveiled last night.

The dramatic crackdown could see bans for drivers who never exceed limits by more than 2mph.

Ministers are braced for a massive backlash and have promised to consult further over the details.

But campaign groups said tinkering with limits and fines would still leave a totally unacceptable scheme.

The warning comes as The Telegraph exposes for the first time the full extent of the links between the national organisation for chief police officers and several companies which make huge profits from safety awareness courses.

The courses, which cost between £80 and £150, allow drivers to avoid penalty points on their licences.

'This is completely the wrong approach - that if you stick to a number on the speedometer you are safe and if you go one mile over it you are a killer,' said Mark Mc Arthur-Christie of the Association of British Drivers.

Kevin Delaney, of the RAC Foundation, said: 'These plans will lead to more people watching their speedometers instead of the road, and that will not increase safety.' Critics pointed out that Britain already has the safest roads in Europe, even though the average speed on motorways is estimated at 85mph.

Campaigners said this lulls many motorists into a false sense of security that they do not have to declare the course to insurers, in the hope their premiums will not rocket for a speeding-related offence.

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