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LIKE A CARPET." —Lauren "Had a housemate who had terrible body odor and drank himself to sleep each night on the living room sofa; he'd sweat into it and eventually left a huge, smelly stain from where his sweat had seeped into the upholstery.It didn't smell like weed although it looked like it. TL: DR —Toe jam smells awful." —Javier "I had a roommate who "inherited" a thin free mattress (I assume from the street) then put it straight on the ground and basically never washed his sheets. When he moved out after almost a year we got rid of the mattress and found mold growing underneath it and on the timber floor." —Anonymous "I dated someone in college who didn't put sheets on his bed the ENTIRETY. I was so openly grossed out by it that one time I offered to buy him sheets myself and he got SO MAD.

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If that sounds too scary, you could take a step-down approach by putting things in storage for three months, and then letting them go.

Personally, I never made it down to 100 items, but, I did manage to get to 200.

Today, due to a convergence of environmental and financial factors, simplicity is in vogue.

Simple has become a branding word, from Real Simple and Simple Living magazines to a variety of supermarket brands Simple Harvest, Simple Selections, Simple Indulgence just to name a few.

After we broke up, and he was trying to fix things with me, he asked me to come over to talk.

I came over, and what do you know — he'd finally put sheets on the bed. That's when I knew it was really, truly over between us.David helped polish her resumé, and shared food-service connections.A year after her first Philly trip, she and her grandma Nancy came out to visit her Uncle Dennis, who lived in Delaware County.This trend is not just limited to magazines and consumer products.The tiny house movement is a reflection of the growing desire for older adults to reduce their environmental footprint and simplify their lives, without giving up their creature comforts. Where do we start if we want to simplify our lives?One way is to accept blogger Dave Bruno’s The 100 Thing Challenge.

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