Myspace dating copy and paste quiz

Nicknames: Nicholas, Nicole, Nicki, Nicola, those are all “nick” names.

Do you have a crush on someone: Just my wife and Katy Perry.

Myspace is still there — go find your old profile for fun!

Myspace was one of the first social networking sites on the Internet and, as you probably already know, it was incredibly popular.

Myspace was not only where you went to brag about your friends or to post crazy selfies of yourself — it was also where you went to learn more about the people you knew, but never really actually spoke to in person.

Then came Twitter and Tumblr, and then mobile-friendly apps like Instagram and Vine.

Myspace quickly became “old” and faded, but we will always remember how seriously amazing it once was.

Who was the last person who saw you in your underwear?

Last phone call: I called home before leaving work to say I’m on my way. Last song you listened to: Selfie – The Chainsmokers. Last time you cried: When I was told Vikki had to go into the hospital for a few days. Have you dated someone twice: Yes, actually my wife.

Strong or Weak: Not the most muscular but strong willed.

First best friend: I had a few, not fair to single one out.

It was impossible for me to be surrounded by pretty lacy undies and not pick some up for myself!

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