Chathirika nude - Os x weather widget not updating

Next to it are other irregularly sized boxes: a calculator showing the number 192 (the square footage of a possible deck for a house), a calendar, a dictionary (displaying the word “cantilever”), the current temperature (minus seven degrees Fahrenheit in Ann Arbor, Michigan as I typed this) and a web cutout of a weather radar map.

(MORE: The Internet of Things: Hardware with a Side of Software) The web cutout is a custom piece you pull together using the scissors button in Safari’s toolbar.

The correct behavior should be that, whenever the notification center slides out, the today widget fetches the user's current location and display the local time and weather.

It’s better watched than described or shown in pictures, so open up Dashboard, click on any widget, then hit Command R and watch the widget disappear and reappear into a twirl.

The larger and more colorful the widget the better the effect, and you can hit command R repeatedly if you feel like showing this off to someone else.

Permalink Posted in Dashboard at am by Kamal You might have noticed that Radar In Motion stopped working last Saturday and did not return for several days.

Application Manager[10354]): Service exited due to signal: Trace/BPT trap: 5 Sep 2 U-MAC com.launchd[1] (com.spigot.

In case you’re glancing at your Safari toolbar wondering what I’m talking about, it’s not visible by default.

You have to drag it out using “Customize Toolbar” and click it, which prompts a purple toolbar to drop from below the Bookmarks Bar, instructing you to select a resizable portion of the current web page.

You could just download a handy widget called Radar in Motion, for instance — arguably the most elegant of the bunch — unencumbered by ads or stealth links that redirected you away from Dashboard to some vendor’s ad-littered web bazaar.

Radar in Motion grabbed radar images straight from NOAA and The Weather Channel, then displayed the animations based on your location criteria.

You discover that your widgets are not working or they fail to populate then start working again and then fail to fill-in yet once again–all for no apparent reason. It’s so frustrating to find yourself in this place, we know.

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