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You can play a movie saved in any of these formats using Picasa itself.Picasa integrates well with other services and applications available from Google.

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Picasa supports most of the common file formats used to store photos, including GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, and PSD (GIF and PNG images are not scanned by default, but you can tell Picasa to scan them by selecting the File Types tab in the Options dialog box.) Picasa can also import and let you manage movies.

Supported movie file types include MPG, AVI, WMV, and MOV (Quicktime).

For example, you can easily post pictures from your Picasa-managed collection on your blog if you have an account with Blogger, a free blogging service owned by Google.

You can also easily send pictures from Picasa using GMail, a free web email service also from Google.

If you are a Picasa desktop user, you must have noticed a pop-up on your computer screen asking you to upgrade to Google Photos Backup, which is Google's cloud storage platform launched last year.

This transition to Google's new photo sharing application came last week after the search engine giant made it official that it is going to cut the support to its popular photo organiser - Picasa from March 15, 2016.However, Google Photos Backup is a desktop uploader program only – it’s not a replacement for Picasa’s desktop software, which also features tools for organizing photos into albums, favoriting items, or filtering by photos or videos, and more.Some Picasa users may have spotted this change following a recent update delivered through Google’s Software Update program, which is used to update and patch bugs in Picasa on the desktop, among other things.As part of the transition to Google’s new photo hosting and sharing service, Google Photos, launched this May, users of Google’s older Picasa desktop software are now being prompted to upgrade to Google Photos Backup for saving their images to Google’s cloud storage.The change could signal the beginning of a plan to migrate Picasa users over to the newer Google Photos web service.Last year, Google rolled out a stand-alone Photos app with unlimited storage, stirring up rumors that its photo editing application Picasa's days were numbered.

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