Psp zes when updating

types: end of mdt_pakey, pakey_tab type standard table of mdt_pakey with default key, pskey_tab type standard table of pskey with default key, prel_db_tab type standard table of prel_db with default key, pref_tab type standard table of pref with default key, begin of pskey_text_entry, pskey type pskey, ittext type ittext, end of pskey_text_entry, pskey_text_tab type standard table of pskey_text_entry with default key. Call function ‘ZHR_TIME_UPDATE_CL_B1′ destination ls_param-value1 Exporting im_pernr = lv_pernr im_cluster_b1 = ls_cluster_b1 Importing lv_result_b1 = lv_result_b1 Exceptions Update failed = 1 Others = 2.

B2 Cluster Updating function Module : call function ‘ZHR_TIME_UPDATE_CL_B2′ destination ls_param-value1 exporting im_pernr = lv_pernr im_pabrj = lv_pabrj im_pabrp = lv_pabrp im_cltyp = c_cltyp im_cluster_b2 = ls_cluster_b2 importing lv_result_b2 = lv_result_b2. if im_pernr is initial or im_pabrj is initial or im_pabrp is initial.

psp zes when updating-3

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Note this firmware is compatible with PSPgo units (PSP-N100x) only.

Hello Everybody, I have tried some examples from 311 course . You later want to convert this time account to an absence entitlement, so that employees can compensate the times with time off.

FYI Exercise Objectives After completing this exercise, you will be able to: • Automatically transfer the value of a time type to a time-off entitlement Business Example In your enterprise, you want to collect employees’ additional times worked in a time account.

Firmware 6.35 brings Sony's cloud-based music service Qriocity to PSP.

It features on-demand access to millions of songs through an i Tunes-esque interface.

B2 Cluster: HR_TIME_RESULTS_GET Or we have to use macros. While updating if we use rp-exp-c1-b1 or rp-exp-c2-b2 macro it will update data into buffer but not in database. ü We have to use some include programs in our program which contains the internal tables declarations of Cluster.

types: ty_pcl1_key_tab type standard table of purlk.

(Example: group number 60 plus 12 = absence quota type 72). The quota type selection rule group for your employee is 01.

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