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Considering both the couple, Katharine and David have been divorced with their respective spouses, it looks great to see them moving on with each other.Katharine Mc Phee was previously married to an actor Nick Cokas since 2008.

Comic-Con panel over the weekend, series star Joanne Kelly confirmed what gay female fans of the show had long known, that the characters “fell in love a little bit.”The series, about Secret Service agents who work for a super-duper secret government group that tracks down dangerous artifacts to bring for safekeeping to the eponymous warehouse, brought in Jaime Murray as the mysterious former British agent Helena G. The show has established Helena’s character as bisexual, when she said “many of my lovers were men” in an episode. Murray, who some may remember vividly as Lucy Lawless’ lover, Gaia, on writer who works on the show, have her permission to play up the subtext.

And then, well, it doesn’t hurt when series co-star Eddie Mc Clintock tweets pictures like this.

David was seen grabbing Katharine’s face and kissing her cheek several times. However, the pair has reportedly been together for years.

They have been often seen together at various charity events and press conferences since 2006.

However, after six years of their marital relationship, Katharine filed for divorce against her husband Nick on . On the other hand, David was previously married for four times with four different wives namely B. Cook(1972-1981), Rebecca Dyer(1982-1986), Linda Thompson(1991-2005) and Yolanda Hadid(2011-2015).

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But despite the fact that the 2008 series finale found Josh and Mindy giving their relationship another go, the question of whether or not Mindy and Josh are still together to this day still stands.

Thankfully, MTV took it upon themselves to find out and interestingly enough, actor Josh Peck (who played Josh Nichols on the series) said there’s “no way” the pair are still together.

When asked by a fan about the subtext between Myka and Helena, she said: I mean, she’s a beautiful woman, right? Jaime is such a good actress and I have so much fun with her.

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