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The only other MK to ever have his office searched was Ghattas’s cousin and Balad founder Azmi Bishara in 2007.

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One of the most well known of them was intended to make sexual relations between Arab and Jews a criminal offense.

In his verdict verifying the Knesset’s decision not to let Kahana run again for election, Meir Shamgar, the president of the Supreme Court, wrote that Kahane’s actions were reminding “the worst harms that were imposed upon our people.” These are different times.

Police officers were accompanied by Griff and Yinon to ensure police only reviewed or took documents relevant to their investigation.

Any item about which the sides disagree must be put in a closed envelope and brought to a court to decide.

An announcement by Joubran Thursday dealt not with Israeli Arabs but with same-sex couples and a petition by the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers seeking to secure gay fathers’ right to arrange surrogate pregnancies in Israel.

Joubran said the court was deferring a ruling on the case because the Knesset is currently considering legislation on surrogacy.

Gradually word of them has spread, however, and the first book-length study of Ibn Daniyal in English appeared in 2012, also with a translation of one of his three plays.[2] Gradually Western scholars are coming to realize that this hitherto almost unknown dramatist created some of the most complex and literate dramatic works of the middle ages, rivaling or surpassing almost every known dramatic work in the Arab or Western world for several centuries before or after him.

Ibn Daniyal was actually a native of Mosul, in today’s Iraq, who fled to Cairo in the 1260s when still in his teens, to escape the Mongol invasion of his home city.

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Joubran was the lone dissenter when the other eight justices on a panel upheld a law raising the minimum number of seats to four that parties need to reach the Knesset.

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