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Imbert arose minutes later and refuted Gopeesingh’s remarks.Imbert said, “I am scandalised that the MP could utter such untruths, provocative and controversial untruths in the House without a shred of evidence.TRINIDAD EXPRESS – As of May 18 this year, the age of consent for sexual intercourse in Trinidad and Tobago is now 18.

Gopeesingh said, “There has been the issue of ethnic cleansing at Port-of-Spain General Hospital as far as the doctors are concerned.

I understand that most of the East Indian doctors have had to leave Port-of-Spain Hospital…I understand that Port-of-Spain Hospital is a virtual African hospital now.” This provoked an outcry of protest from Government MPs, but Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday muttered, “Racism is killing the country.” Gopeesingh defensively said, “I’ve been told, I’ve been told.” He said: “There are over 150 senior doctors who are basically East Indian in nature and they have left the service.

Canada also has thirty times more land mass than all the other Commonwealth nations in the region put together.

All members have an equal say in the Commonwealth – regardless of size.

LGBTI people throughout the region have differing rights and responsibilities due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or sex, but many face the same challenges in overcoming draconian anti-LGBTI laws and seeking protections from discrimination.

In Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean, Central and Southern Americas, LGBTI people face the harshest penalties in the whole region, but they are campaigning hard, forming civil society alliances, and perusing strategic litigation, to ensure new rights and freedoms. 89,069 LGBTI people in Antigua and Barbuda are not equal under the law and face harsh penalties for consensual same sex activity.OF 13 COMMONWEALTH MEMBER COUNTRIES IN THE Americas, only Belize, Canada and Guyana lie on the main continental landmass; all the others are islands or archipelagos.Every Commonwealth nation can be found around the middle of the American continent with the exception of Canada which is in the north.CARONI East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh alleged an “ethnic cleansing” of Indo-Trinidadian doctors at Port-of-Spain General Hospital (Po SGH), but Leader of Government Business, Colm Imbert, dismissed these charges as “scandalous, false and outrageous.” The heated exchange shook up a dull debate on the Emergency Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel Bill 2009 as amended by the Senate.It began when Gopeesingh pointed out the deficiencies of public hospitals, such as a lack of neurosurgeons, heart-monitoring units, and intensive-care unit beds.The Defence Force and Special Branch have been informed accordingly – through the Police Commissioner and Chief of Defence Staff – and are taking the necessary action,” Dillon added.

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