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Reformistische Kräfte nehmen kein Blatt vor den Mund, sie sprechen von einer Diktatur. als Rechtfertigung, warum den Frauen des Landes vorgeschrieben wird, wie sie sich zu kleiden haben. Die Mullahs hingegen bezeichneten die USA als den "großen Satan".

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President Reagan later described the events in his memoirs: The evidence indicated that both suicide vehicles were driven by radical Shiite fundamentalists suicidally bent on the pursuit of martyrdom.

Somehow, this information got lost in the Pentagon until two days after the bombing.

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Description about Iran Map :- Iran, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country in Western Asia.

History of Iran Iran's history dates back to some of the earliest known civilizations, with prehistoric archaeological evidence from cultures of the Stone Age.

Iran's long history shows many changes in leadership and a trend of invasions, with various empires and dynasties arising over the centuries.

Diese Hoffnung soll jedoch durch das - vermutlich manipulierte - Ergebnis der Wahl des Staatspräsidenten im Juni des gleichen Jahres zerstört werden.

Der Hardliner Ahmadinedschad wird mit angeblich 2/3 der Wählerstimmen für weitere vier Jahre im Amt bestätigt.

S., and therefore expose you to a charge of treason. And yet this is precisely what President Ronald Reagan did. In spite of a weapons embargo, Reagan authorized illegal arms sales to the nation of Iran, a country he had himself declared to be a "terrorist state." It was certainly an apt description. In July 1985, President Reagan denounced Iran as part of a "confederation of terrorist states" which had committed "outright acts of war" against the U. He declared Iran to be an enemy of the United States: "Iran, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Nicaragua -- continents away, tens of thousands of miles apart, but the same goals and objectives.

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