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This is the most important question that has ever been asked. The question comes up in the Holy Gospel for today, from Matthew 16. Mike Riley has added some new ingredients to the Husker offense and defense for his third season at Nebraska.

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The book you hold in your hands is the fruit of the \"joining of the generations.\" With years under his belt, a giftedness that is undeniable, and a lifestyle that exalts Christ Jesus, it is my honor to commend to you the ministry and writings of Shawn Bolz.

This book speaks to the heart of the prophetic learner.

I love Shawn because he hasn’t let the lure of twenty-plus years of prophetic ability touch him in an impure way.

As an internationally known prophetic voice who has ministered to thousands-from royalty to those on the streets-Shawn Bolz shares everything he has learned about the prophetic in a way that is totally unique and refreshing.

Also, you will grow in your desire to draw ever closer to God.

Your life will be greatly enriched and enlightened by devouring this book.

Pornography is a social toxin that destroys relationships, steals innocence, erodes compassion, breeds violence, and kills love.

The issue of pornography is ground zero for all those concerned for the sexual health and well-being of our loved ones, communities, and society as a whole. James Dobson’s Family Talk, hear not only about the dangers of where this public health crisis is taking us, but also the substantial progress of the hope that is taking back our nation’s hearts and minds.

My hope is that I can begin to communicate to other pioneers and we can share our struggles and joys whether you are in the South, in Canada, across the Ocean, live around Los Angeles, or even in Hollywood. As always if you have something extremely negative to say feel free to private email me instead of posting message.

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