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Regardless of whether you pootle down by yourself or drag your friend along for moral support, speed dating can be a fun and kooky way to meet some interesting new people. Hear us out before you slam your laptop shut and fling it out of the window in disgust.

The fluorescent lights and poorly hydrated ferns of the average office make for surprisingly fertile ground when it comes to social interaction.

See more of the story The courtship signals that ducks and other bird species use can be subtle and complex, or simple and obvious. I wanted to know more after watching small parts of courtship behavior and consummation on our backyard pond this spring.

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Drake mallards, sometimes more than one, will swim in circles around a female, occasionally dipping their bill into the water and splashing toward the hen. This also can be a solicitation for the male to mount.

Other tactics include nodding, bill flicking and rapid quacks.

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I made sense of drakes chasing females and each other. I caught two of the signals a duck pair used to communicate readiness to mate — swimming with bill flat to the water and head nodding.

Other courtship signals I probably missed for lack of recognition and speed of performance. Male mallards will shake their heads and/or their tails to gain the attention of females.

If you’re keen to make a change in your life but haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin, we’ve got you covered: below you will find a countdown of 10 tactics for expanding your friendship circle and, with a smidgeon of luck and some highly-tuned flirting, finding your new partner.

To be fair, if you’re perfectly comfortable being flung into a slowly rotating circle of complete strangers, all of whom are dressed to the nines and wearing their best fake perma-smiles, you’re probably not going to be feeling lonely for very long.

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