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The backstory He is the son of Diane von Furstenberg, and Prince Egon of Furstenberg.

Thus, he is a "Prince" as well, but he never uses the formal title. Diane married, or merged depending on your point of view, with Barry Diller in 2001.

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But as much as I have immersed myself in the cultivation of fine living, I cannot change the fact that it is just not in my blood: one can only pose.

Nowadays, it's considered crass to flaunt a royal title, so who's expected to know that there is a princess living in Los Feliz: Tatiana von Furstenberg.

Her image is that of a powerful woman whose elegance is as fabulous as her wealth.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg is boss of a multimillion dollar company, head of a vast charitable foundation and the grande dame of high society fashion.

I'm a bit like Dominic Dunne when it comes to a fascination with "old money" families and royalty.

It probably has something to do with my mom's love of the English royal family -- Prince Charles was all the rage for moms in the 1970s.And something to do with my very free barefooted childhood in Topanga Canyon and Hollywood (not the Beverly Hills-Hollywood, but the single-mom-in-a-craftsman-house-surrounded-by-all-sorts-of-pot-dealing-bohemian-types-Hollywood).I wished lustfully to be raised like one of "them." I felt I couldn't be farther away from my dreams of boarding schools, vacations in fabulous places and formality.Gregorini, whose film incorporates themes of heartbreak and loss, knows those emotions well; she experienced them in front of a national stage.She was engaged to and living with star Portia de Rossi for three years, when the actress left her for Ellen De Generes.He literally never stands still." He lives a laid back California life. You're one with nature, and pushing yourself to the max." Alex's two children from a previous marriage are with him on the weekends.

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