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"You know what’s funny about that whole thing is that I actually wrote a song for Taylor at the same time that she wrote ‘Hey Stephen’ for me.So when Taylor called me [back in 2008] and told me about the song she wrote for me I actually was like ‘ That’s really funny because I wrote a song about you too,' It was a weird moment because I wasn't expecting her to say she wrote a song for me and I think it was a mutual thing on her end too, but she asked me what the words were so I only told her a little bit.

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Taylor swift emily poe dating

So I’ve been thinking a lot about “Look What You Made Me Do”, and how the pre-chorus is the best part of the song.

You know - how it seems to be building to something incredible and then just shuts off, and both the beat and Taylor’s vocals become flat and repetitive for the chorus itself. What the message here is this is what the endless poisonous PR cycle has done to Taylor?

Because I used gifs from everywhere, it was hard to keep track of who they belong to.

If you want credit, shoot me a message on my main account, and I’ll get that added in.

It’s sucked the life out of her, it’s left her flat and hampered her creativity.

It kept cutting her off, just when she was reaching her peak.

“Taylor slipped out and accused Karlie of being jealous, and they haven’t really spoken since.” Indeed, Karlie isn’t up for talking to – or about – her ex pal.

She went so far as to cancel an Australian interview that had planned to ask about their friendship because “she didn’t have anything nice to say,” explains the source.

He told Planet Verge, "No, but I probably should make one.

It’s really one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.

Weinstein Company’s Pre-Oscars Party - March 1st, 2014Big Sur Road Trip - March 2014 (x)The date is unknown, but we think they went on this trip near the end of February considering there was a big gap between February 23rd and March 1st in terms of Taylor being papped.

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