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The camera’s tough exterior practically begged us to toss it in the glove box or onto the sandy beach towels — allowing me to completely forget about it. Color me impressed but it was so relieving to not have the instant dread one often experiences after dropping an electronic device. Olympus has you covered for all of those accidental pocket to floor fumbles you’re likely to experience — and between you and me, I feel this would survive a much, much higher fall.I was never worried when laying it on the pool’s edge or on a beach towel in the sand. The moment before you pick it up, flipping it over to reveal the damage. It might have a dent or two, but it’s likely to keep on chugging.

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Zico holds it down for Harlem whilst the rest are in jail.

He addresses the fame HS have now, the things they’ve done for money & takes a crack at the wannabes copying the Spartans' unique flow.

Temperature sensor The sensor is designed so that it is not affected by the internal temperature of the camera when reading field temperature or water temperature.

Direction sensor The camera detects which direction the lens is pointed.

It’s summer, and that equals one thing: you can’t take your precious DSLR to the beach.

Well, not unless you want to gamble on a costly repair bill after butterfingers drops it in the sand.One that not only stands up to day-to-day abuses, but that you can hand off to your little ones worry free so they can go do what they do best and take selfies in the surf: the TG-850 is that camera.First things first, this is a “tough” camera, which means all of the expected features: the TG-850 is crush proof to 220lbs, capable of still functioning in temperatures as low as 14°F, and waterproof down to 33ft, which is perfect for snorkeling or frolicking in any resort pool on this planet. But the point is, it stood up to my abuse without breaking a sweat. None of that dread exists with the TG-850 and its spec’d shockproof rating of 7 feet.The beach is a time for relaxation, not being an overly protective nanny of the expensive camera that mom won’t let you get wet.Photography of your family while you ride the waves and soak up the sun should be carefree, and for that you’ll be wanting a tough and waterproof camera.The lens covers an ultra-wide 204-degree angle of view, with a maximum f/2 aperture. Its 4K capabilities allow it to capture 2160p (UHD) footage at 30fps.

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