The rapper the game on a dating show

“He is now seeking to shift the burden of his damages to Viacom through a misdirected legal action that is totally without merit.

We will work with the production partner on this series to vigorously defend against this claim.” Taylor’s attorney, Andrew Williams, declined to comment beyond the allegations in the suit, which claims Viacom failed to act on due diligence regarding Rainey.

The featured ladies would get to follow him around as he traveled show to show, and it would reveal the life of a rapper behind-the-scenes.

The Game would go on dates set up by his pals in each city and ultimately find a mate.

The woman was a contestant on VH1’s “She’s Got Game.” She said in the lawsuit that The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, conspired with show’s producers to force her to go on what she thought was a mandatory date to an Illinois sports bar during the time the show was being filmed in May 2015.

She said Taylor inappropriately touched her buttocks and genital area several times at the bar.

The 10-episode series is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2015.“Relationships are hard.

And The Game knows that working in the entertainment business makes it even harder,” said Susan Levison, EVP, Original Programming & Production, VH1 via a press statement.Although Rainey is said to have initially passed the show’s psychological exams, subsequent findings that she had a record that included “a long and violent criminal history, including multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery” and was allegedly hospitalized for mental illness in 2012 were ignored.Viacom, the suit alleges, “ignored the safety of the plaintiff and others” because the show’s producers felt Rainey would be good for ratings.“In this series, he gets to try a different strategy, taking the advice and suggest.”The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, will serve as an executive producer on the show.Rapper "The Game" reacts during a preseason NFL football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs in August.A insider connected with the production team claims that The Game grabbed a loaded gun from his bodyguard and showed it off in the air to the crowd.

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