Things dating unconventionally eliminate fun

I was still getting random bloating and struggling with some minor constipation, so I went back to the drawing board and found some things (on the unusual side) that were massively helpful.

So here are five fun and surprising things that can help ease your tummy and digestive issues: This isn't as weird as it sounds…well, OK, maybe it is!

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If it works, you stay together – if it doesn’t, you get to meet other people and have as much fun as you want until you find someone. Some scientists around the world are analyzing the minutiae of relationships in terms of attraction and they’re finding some really interesting and surprising things.

For example, did you know that men who have a super hot son are markedly more appealing to women than those with ugly ones?

Luckily I had my passport, laptop, video camera and most other essentials in the Airbnb apartment I was renting.

I left the keys of the car in the instructor's van, so at least the rental car itself wasn't stolen.

When asked what people were looking for on 3nder, the most popular response was “open-minded friends,” or “people open to new experiences.” Tinder and Ok Cupid can be safe spaces to seek out others with singular tastes, a la Fifty Shades of Grey, but anyone who has ever swiped right knows it’s far too easy to e-run into a co-worker or childhood friend.

On 3nder, everyone knows what they’re signing up for—there’s no chance of pretending you made a mistake.

I'm back after a summer away and my batteries are recharged for the next huge 3-month-to-fluency language project, that I'll announce soon to those of you in the LHL email list (sign up on the top right to find out!

) I had a fantastic time, and will tell you how it went next week, as well as giving some updates on the accent project.

But I fought back, delving head first into the world of nutrition, which led me down a beautiful (but windy) path of learning to use food as medicine and making space for my body to heal.

However, after implementing a whole-foods, plant-based diet—with lots of green, organic, and minimally processed foods—my tummy still needed some support.

But my perfect streak is over because my car was broken into when I was in California and my wallet (with several hundred dollars in it) and phone (very expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 2) were taken.

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