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Noosa-raised teacher Elena Duggan and Noosa coffee-roaster Matt Sinclair have both made the cut for the Top 10, a significant milestone for contestants."When you hit Top 10 you start to see the finish line and you know you'll able to see your family again," Matt told APN.

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Occupations included fourteen farmers, two blacksmiths, one of whom was a farrier, a joiner who was also an auctioneer, four wheelwrights, four grocers, five shoemakers, four tailors, two butchers, a hairdresser, a common brewer, and the landlords of The George and The Bricklayer's Arms public houses.

Also within the village were the parish vicar and the curate, three yeomen, two schoolmasters, two surgeons, a bailiff, an excise officer, a gentleman and a gentlewoman.

The Master Chef Top 10, back row from left, Elise Franciskovic, Elena Duggan, Harry Foster, Trent Harvey and Mimi Baines.

Front row from left, Theresa Visintin, Brett Carter, Chloe Bowles, Matt Sinclair and Heather Day.

If you are not one who is aware of what shall be revealed here in this study, I say as politely as I can, you are a VICTIM of THAT DECEPTION!!!

I see this blindness on most of those who e-mail me. It is just the way it is folks, and a blindness of which we must ALL come out. And, it matters not how much of your time it requires.

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"You get past missing them and start thinking 'okay head down, just keep driving and pushing as hard as you can'.

"Even if you get to the end you know you're going to see them soon." Her time on the show has inspired Elena, who was in Noosa this week visiting family, to be more ambitious with her dream to combine her loves of cooking and education.

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