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their new albumn is great i haven't stopped listening to it. oh and nick wheeler writes the songs too.i havent bought there new album but i love their old album it was GREAT!!!

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i like it when they had shorter hair though now they look like they havnt taken a shower in years but year in the music video it they looked good:)GREAT album through and through. When I bought it, I listened to it over and over again. I'm not sure yet about their sophmore effort the video is amazing, ya but so many of his songs are written about his ex, its so sad.

Its amazing how he makes you feel like that same feeling he must of had.

In 2014, Ritter appeared in the role of John Cusack in the movie “Love and Mercy.” He casted in the lead role of singer Gregg Allman in the biopic “Midnight Rider, ” but the movie was cancel due to the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

The very talented lead singer/bassist of the All American Rejects.

"Delta is an airline of professionals and we have strict policies against employees using customers' personal information for any purposes other than Delta business," she said.

(Still, if you're going to be stalked by a Helen Reddy lyric, better "Delta Dawn" than "Angie Baby." She killed a guy!

In a stalker story so strange even he finds it a little funny, All-American Rejects front man Tyson Ritter is being harassed by a woman known as "Delta Dawn." (Yes, like the one with that flower on, "looking for a mysterious dark-haired man.") Dawn is a Delta Airlines employee who harvested personal details like Ritter's phone number from booking information. "She's like this bag lady with a big thing of cookies," he assured her.

"She calls me on the ground between connections to ask me how the flights are going," Ritter told me over lunch at the Empire Diner Wednesday. She comes to concerts and brings cookies." Ritter's girlfriend, model Kim Smith, started looking a little uneasy. Mira Nair walked by on the street and no one noticed.

He and his siblings graduated from Stillwater High School.

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