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If you hold a CDL, you may be eligible to update your address and apply for a replacement license online.

If you are not eligible to apply online, you must visit a DMV customer service center to update your address and apply for a replacement within 10 days.

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​(en español)You should notify Wis DOT of your change of address within 10 days of your move.

Getting a new driver license or ID issued with your updated address is not required as long as your current address is recorded on your DMV record.​If you hold a Wisconsin ID or regular driver license, you may change your Wisconsin residence and/or mailing address by doing one of the following: Include your ID or driver license number.

Notifying postal authorities will not provide the information to us.

By failing to notify us, you could miss the renewal date of your license.

A renewal will extend the term of the driver's license/permit/ID card.

Renewals conducted via the DDS Online Services portal will receive a .00 discount from the fees stated above.

This service will allow you to change or verify the address(es) currently on file at the DMV.

You will also be able to verify or update information about your current license plate design.

Your license plate renewal notice will be mailed to your most recent address on file with the United States Postal Service​.​Six times per year, Wis DOT obtains updated addresses from the U.

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