elijah wood dating now - Updating melamine cabinets

These are good surfaces from a painters point of view, as they are smooth and take paint well.Some companies supply kitchens ready primed in the factory, but where they come bare, there are a couple of primers that we know work particularly well.

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Lay down a drop cloth, newspaper or old cloths to protect your floor.2.

Put on your dust mask and protective goggles or glasses.3.

You can make a huge difference to the look of your kitchen with some simple renovations to the cabinets.

By repainting doors and updating the handles, you'll refresh the heart of your home without the need for a full redesign.

did a FABulous job of updating her kitchen while keeping the rich tone of her oak cabinets.

With cup style pulls and decorative handles, her kitchen looks warm and inviting!

These bathroom cabinets sit behind the door in our hall/guest bathroom.

They’ve been this honey stain color since we moved in in 2000.

Adding glass to a few key doors will relieve some of the visual weight of the wood and add some reflective value to your kitchen.

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