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Not only is Active Directory a great power, but it's also a great responsibility — and it requires spending a lot of time with it in order to maximize its capabilities.

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Fortunately, this situation is easily fixable using Emergency Boot Kit.

This article explains how to restore computer membership in the domain, how to rejoin computer back to the domain, if you can't login after domain to workgroup change in Windows.

Do not remove the CA before you carefully inventory its usage - if it is issuing certificates, removing the role will cause an outage.

Running CAs on domain controllers is discouraged Do not specify Last Domain Controller in the Domain (-lastdomaincontrollerindomain) unless it is true.

The built-in logs are the most important instrument for troubleshooting issues with domain controller promotion and demotion.

All of these logs are enabled and configured for maximum verbosity by default.This 12 session Master Class will equip you with everything you need to understand, evaluate, deploy and maintain environments that utilize Microsoft Azure including hybrid scenarios. The local clients should use the RODC for their DNS queries.- %systemroot%\debug\dcpromo.log- %systemroot%\debug\dcpromo*.log- Event viewer\Windows logs\System- Event viewer\Windows logs\Application- Event viewer\Applications and services logs\Directory Service- Event viewer\Applications and services logs\File Replication Service- Event viewer\Applications and services logs\DFS Replication Domain controller promotion and demotion always returns a code at the end of operation and unlike most programs, do not return zero for success.To see the code at the end of a domain controller configuration, you have several options: You cannot demote this domain controller, as it is also a Certification Authority.You must attach to the unoccupied domain controller account using -useexistingaccount and the correct read-only or writable argument, depending on account type The following are common issues seen during the Windows Server 2012 development process.

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