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, two of the most recognized self labeling organizations.

We're having a contest to see who can make the best meme of the season. This week's meme, "My Eyes, My Eyes" was submitted by Millie who is a member of our Morty's TV Facebook Group.

AM BBT: Christmas heads to the bathroom and then goes back to bed. AM BBT: Matt and Raven are in bed but awake and whispering. AM BBT: Jason goes downstairs and goes into the den bedroom and says something to Alex, (Kevin may be snoring).

AM BBT: Matt walks into the kitchen and Jason tells him he made coffee. F1/Final Two, Alex and Kevin are sleeping in the den bedroom with the lights on. AM BBT: Jason is sitting alone in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to be done. She then goes to whisper to Jason at the counter about Kevin thinking he is in good with Jason and thinks he is safe and Christmas says I think he looks at Matt as the target.

Jason tells him he thought they would have the veto this morning but BB doesn't seem that persistent. AM BBT: Jason is still messing with the coffee maker. Jason says why does he do that and Christmas says because this is Big Brother.

As such, our only goal is to provide potential new owners with CREDIBLE information they can use to make the BEST possible decision for their families.

While the Internet can be a wonderful source of information, when it comes to purchasing a Sugar Glider, unfortunately the web is full of credible-LOOKING websites, chat rooms and message boards which are being operated by unlicensed, self-proclaimed experts.

As Sugar Gliders become more and more popular as household pets, it also becomes increasingly important that new owners have a TRULY independent source where they can get OBJECTIVE information.

Unlike ANY other website, chatroom or message-board dedicated to Sugar Gliders, the North American Sugar Glider Association (NASGA) sells NOTHING directly or indirectly to our members.

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AM BBT: Matt is awake and heads into the storage room to change out his battery. Matt heads to the bathroom and Kevin heads back to the bedroom. Because neither of them are wearing their mics while whispering, I can hear them talking about the veto but not what they are saying about it. Jason goes into the kitchen and dumps the old coffee grounds and starts fresh coffee. Jason is alone at the kitchen counter having his coffee. Josh comes in and Jason tells him he better go to the bathroom, Josh hugs Jason and heads to the bathroom. AM BBT: Jason goes to the storage room then comes out asking Alex and Kevin if they want coffee.

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